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Private Fund

Private Fund means an investment that an individual, a group of persons or a juristic person brings to the Fund Manager. In accordance with the objectives and goals of the investor which has investments in various types of securities, with the Fund Manager and investors must understand and be informed of the investment policy together including investment restrictions.

Highlights of Private Funds

Large clients (HNW)

Suitable for those who have investments but do not have time to allocate investment.

Investors that can accept risks

Create investment according to investor objectives and according to the risks that investors can accept.


Agility as investors can change their investment policies.

Managed by Professional

The fund is managed by an experienced and professional Fund Manager.

Private Fund Type

Thai stock market

Private funds investing in the Thai stock market.

Fund of Fund

Private funds that are put into the Fund of Fund.


Private funds investing in ETF USA.

Multi Asset Allocation

Private funds invested in Multi Asset Allocation.

Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund Services of Merchant Partners Asset Management Limited (MPAM) is a Selling Agent (a fund selling or redemption agent) of all 16 asset management companies, Funds can be traded via Streaming for Fund. There are many funds ready to trade in one app. Placing an order or setting orders in advance, checking status and tracking portfolios can be done anywhere, conveniently, fast, with both iOS and Android.


Increasing investment channels through internet trading account.

Fixed Income

Alternative way of investment to diversify investment risk.

Offshore Investment

Reduce the overall risks and increase the opportunity to diversify to international​ portfolio.